A woman,

A Woman-The book of woman

The book of  woman

A woman,


A Woman:

The book of woman is a story of eternal life… Before creating the universe, the Creator Akbar and Mutlaq must have thought that if the world is to be created and men are to be created, then what is the first requirement, then the creator must have suggested the name of woman…!


Indeed, the Creator first created a man named Adam and he was guided, but there was no one in front of him to guide him.

But Adam was not a father at that time, nor was a woman a mother… then the creator named man and woman husband and wife… then created something called children from them and put the love of both of them into it… then those needs He created numerous creatures to serve them.


When Adam was created, he told the angels to prostrate to him… O God! Has it ever happened that the one who prostrated before you bowed down to someone other than you, but the order was God, Noor prostrated before the dust and he turned red.


O God! Then, when you needed it for the generation of Adam, you created a creature like him from him and placed in him the same subtle essence as you placed in a man…

O God! Then your wisdom created such an essence in them that they began to think it was meaningless to live without each other and this process continues till today and will continue until the Day of Judgment.


What is a woman? This is an open book which you will read again and again, new meanings will appear in each chapter there are new titles but this story is very beautiful without it the world is
meaningless and colorless it is about love and life. The head of the demand is the spring.


All parts of a woman’s life are very enjoyable, be it a mother, a daughter, a sister or a wife…but think that all are equally sacred. But what is the status of a wife in the present society? Uz-Ballah & quot; foot shoe& quot;.

A woman is the mother of the human race. Mother is only mother, she has no nationality, race or caste… She is the goddess of love, God has also acknowledged her love and mother is also a mother is women.

The crown of all this bravado goes to the head of the woman who is the guardian of his honor, who is the mother of his children, who is the cause of spiritual and physical satisfaction of the man…

So respect this & quot; woman of the book & quot; above all. Do not keep less than a servant !


Prophets also needed a woman… Woman gave birth to Prophets… God gave daughters and sons to Prophets… Prophets were born from woman’s chastity…

Woman raised them and gave lullabies to their lips. Kissed their foreheads who prostrated themselves before God…gave them pure and delicious food from the woman’s bosom…every born person needs a woman, a woman’s body.


O people! Oh lustful! Oh, bad luck, bad luck and miscreants! You disgraced the woman sold her in the market of the world buried her alive in the ground what is her sin God make her a woman..


O young man! Understand that she is the wife first then mother of your children…mother then mother…respect the word mother.


The Lord has written the life of a mother in a strange way… She spends her youth… strength… Hussain in rearing her children… she grows old in this austerity… but she relieves her exhaustion by seeing her children young.


A woman is one but she has four forms and there is a woman in each form… every woman has a passion… a relationship… a place… there is respect… there is modesty… there is loyalty… there is
responsibility but the place of a woman is the real and true cloak. And there is a wall.


A woman is the main character of the society… the man is around her, rather the whole society is in a state of circumambulation.

Which relationship of a woman should be declared sacred this distinction is very difficult from whatever point of view it is seen, there is a sacredness in it  the only difference is the look otherwise all women are instinctively the same this is the perfection of the sex.


And the perfect example of God wisdom and wisdom… !! The main role in the system is the woman.

Woman is actually another name for sacrifice…she rules over the soul but is soulless herself…

she has been declared a field for man…the eye is the same but the light of God found in it sees the woman in a different way.


The limits of every woman have been determined. Some relationships are made by God and not broken and some are made by God but man breaks them…


The same relationship is the strongest and the weakest is the one that people commonly say & quot;Marries are made in heaven& quot; then why do they break up on earth. What is the expression..!


As my thoughts have traveled and I have examined the attitudes of women, I have expressed my opinion. When a woman name comes, its meaning is taken as a life partner.

First a woman is in the form of a wife, then in the form of a mother, then in the form of a sister and a daughter but when all of them are combined her name is honor… Honor is the wife of all.


The most delicate form of a woman is a wife, who has a very important role in a man’s life, but this relationship is the purpose of creating the world and it is also the most bitter and sweetest love and love is also the creation of this relationship.

It is the valuable asset of a man’s life without it there is no home. it is the guarantee of reproduction.


All other relationships have their own meaning… wife means the spirit of life… a gravity… a reality on the mind… !!

A woman has no house of her own and all the houses are her own because without her there is no house. there is a place of residence and a place of residence. A woman is the guarantee of peace in

This is the beauty of his character.

In all my writings, wherever and whenever a woman has been mentioned, I have combined them under the title A Woman.

My reader is allowed to form his own opinion on it, to criticize it, to have better knowledge, however my reader cannot deny that his life is surrounded by  women otherwise the justification for remaining in life ends.

Go… Man thinks about woman the most, God made her for that. It was the woman who brought Baba Jan out of heaven… You must obey her words, but act as much as your intellect tells you.

Do not use a woman intellect, it is a weak intellect and her decisions are weaker than a man but consult her if you want ease in life and need peace and order.

Now it depends on the reader, from what point of view they see it, read it, think it, I have established
my opinion on the book Woman, everyone has the right to disagree.
A woman’s  behavior is heaven and her behavior is hell, but without her there is neither the world nor the life of a man…!!


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