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Episode 04

As soon as Noor-ul-Ain entered the house, she saw him in front of her and her throat became bitter.

“Noor … why are you standing there? Arshman saw him standing there and moved forward.

 Hi Noor … What’s the matter? Yes, you’re fine.

 He softened his tone as much as possible, which was one of the impossibilities at that time

 Arshman was the son of Shafaat Sahib’s cousin who took over his father’s business and was a very young man.

Arshman didn’t know when that little light became a place in his heart …

She began to like it, but now it was not just a matter of choice, it had gone far beyond that Arshman had thought of including him in his life. Shafaat Sahib was well aware of his inclination towards Noor-ul-Ain because Hashmat Durrani said … In words……

Many times he had asked for Noor’s hand for Arshman. Every Shafaat Sahib would refuse every time saying that Noor still wants to study.

When Arshman heard this, he said, “Let’s at least not deny …” Noor-ul-Ain belongs to him …

The simplicity of Noor-ul-Ain by Arshman Durrani … Weakness had become in front of which he could see nothing now. Arshman Durrani was a man playing with girls but after meeting Noor his thoughts had changed. It was as if he was tied to Noor-ul-Ain …

But perhaps he was not at all aware of Noor’s rare ideas about himself…

Noor thought that Arshman’s attraction towards him was poison even though he had not taken any step till today but whenever he came in front of Noor, Noor’s hands and feet started swelling and he went home with a strange feeling.

The brown eyes of Arshman Durrani were on her …Brother, don’t worry about me, I’m fine … Noor-ul-Ain said in a very restrained manner and left …

In terms of light, a woman should have such a strong tone that any man should think a hundred times before talking to her … However, addressing a man directly seemed to poison Noor Shafaat.

It had some limitations in which to live. She wanted to protect herself from non-mahrams … because any woman’s accent plays an important role in making a man disgusted and attracted to her. “

“Love is more poisonous than poison. Love is so much … that no one can cut it except death.”

When Haneeza regained consciousness, she found herself in a beautiful apartment. Seeing an unknown place around her, her eyes widened in surprise. Fear and dread were just as bad. Know what test was coming now.

 She suppressed her hiccups and quickly got up from the bed. He could have seduced anyone, but Haneeza Mikal was not aware of the fact that she had been convicted of another punishment in favor of Abbas Sultan.

Haneezah was wondering where he was when suddenly the door opened and the man with deep black eyes set a mask on his face and started walking towards Haneezah.

 Her heavy booty feet were falling straight on Haneeza’s heart. Black cold eyes Haneezah felt her body ache …

Haniza folded her hands in front of the masked man and started remembering her parents … It was not even in his mind that the name he first remembered in trouble … What kind of ‘oppressor’ was he?

Fate standing far away smiled at Abbas Sultan … Whose everything was going to be looted …

“Look, girl, I won’t say anything to you. You just have to marry me now …”

When the cold voice fell in Haneeza’s ears, she started shivering


Haneezah responded according to her understanding and ran sparks in the limbs of the being standing in front … In his deep black eyes, these names filled a beast …

Red and white face Tears flowing from red trembling lips and swollen eyes … In the scattered costume, the person in front of her thought she was crazy … But who was the real lunatic? It was evident in his eyes

“Now if the name of a non-male comes out of your beautiful lips … then … I will draw life from your lips in such a way that the desire for death will remain. You are only mine …” Just … mine … be … today Nana Bobbolo be mine … “

Putting his knife on Haneeza’s face and placing it on her lips, Haneeza’s life was cut in half … When Haneezah did not answer, he increased the pressure of the knife on her lips, then a faint scream came out of Haneezah’s lips …

The man had injured both his lips …Haneezah quickly nodded yes to avoid this crazy man …

The word that Haneezah uttered with her lips to save her life, the person in front of her was overwhelmed with heart and soul … And the thumb absorbed the drops of blood flowing from her lips…

The masked man covered Haneeza with a red scarf and took her out holding his hand.

Do not oppress me like this

This is the pair of stones

My existence is priceless

Feel some love

You have trampled, trampled

Let me roll the dust

I am the enemy of my own

So break me and join me

You have my key in your hand

Now it’s all my fault

So let me go

My heart Don’t burn like this…..

In the dark. I am a heart of the Father, I am in your heart. If any other soul should come to me, and they raise all of them, they had to increase the sights of the sight on the sofa, but it did not like this. He turns his arm from a shock … Honeyzai was forced to scream from pain.

Pulley is a purely …. It’s quicker …. Henza who was not a single shock now … The worst rhyme that the stranger of this stranger started with pain ….. The person’s view of the person was seen in the injured of the Honorable Hungzi, a beautiful smile on her face.

He had a hand of Honza from his hoa in his hand, and on the sleeve, the wrist was turned on his red figure on the red mark of his hand, was forced to sin Henza.

Before Haneezah uttered a word, all of a sudden she … Her sobs were trapped in her lips … There was a cold touch … from which Haneezah Mikal was completely silent … There was not enough courage left in him to … Take it away from yourself … And that person was just as savage …

Like a thirsty man, he was playing with Haneeza’s breath with great beauty. When Haneeza’s breathing stopped, he would give her a respite to breathe for a moment and the next moment he would play with her breath with double intensity that Haneeza could not bear the pain and swing in his arms.

Intense love be good to you

How did you leave it in the world?

She was calm … Gently releasing her breath, she hid her face in her hair and began to take deep breaths …

At six o’clock in the morning, when Abbas came out of his room, he found Mikal Sahib walking in distress.

“What happened … Uncle you look upset …” Asher addressed them before Abbas asked them anything

Mikal Sahib told him that he had pulled the ground under the feet of these sultans. The biggest shock was to Abbas Sultan. He was eager for blood to flow from his eyes … The obsessive beast that he kept hidden woke up in an instant …

He went out of the long deal with the cheapest of Macal Sahib ….. This silence was a sorrowful storm that was going to scatter the life of Storm Abraha Sultan

Where some men were already present, Haneeza was afraid of them and snatched his hand as if she was sure that this canopy would save her from every pain.

Holding Haneeza’s hand, he sat her on the sofa next to him and asked Maulvi Sahib to perform nikah.

Haneeza’s whole being was hesitating … The mind was confused. Did he know that someone would bring him in the dark of night like this to darken his life?

Maulvi Sahib had recited the nikah. He was greeted by everyone wearing a mask. He reached the gate to leave him. As soon as he found himself alone, Henza lay down on the sofa and began to mourn his fate. Where did all this go? Where did he think that?


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