New English rude wife short story, English rude wife moral story, SUSPECTED WIFE

English rude wife moral story, SUSPECTED WIFE

This English rude wife moral story, SUSPECTED WIFE is all about a wife who always considers her husband inferior so she never misses an opportunity to humiliate him stay tuned to read full story.


English rude wife moral story, SUSPECTED WIFE
New English rude wife short story ,Suspected wife

Story: English rude wife moral story, SUSPECTED WIFE

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At 9 am, on Thursday, there was a man who was outside a shopping store. He was hanging 2 parcels of gift and bundles of Something and smiling to his car.

Meanwhile, he was being followed by his wife and his mother-in-law from distance of him where they could see him without being noticed.

His wife always suspects on him anytime wherever he goes. His wife pretended to phone him to test whether he would except her call or not.

She said:
” Where are you ?Coming home now I need to tell you something in hurry.”

He replied:
“I’m not free sweetie.I have to go somewhere.Let’s talk about it later.”

he dropped down his wife call and left with his car 2 hours later, while he was preparing something for someone on a large table his wife and his mother-in-law were getting in and searching someone in his apartment every where as they suspect on him whether they could see his new girlfriend.

They opened every door of his apartment such as bedroom, dinning room, rest room and also bathing room and so on.

“Coming out if someone is in the room.”
his wife said.

His wife was coming straight and shouting at him.
“Who are you preparing the dishes for?

Are they for your girlfriend?” But he couldn’t say anything to his wife with his sad face.

“Where is she? Tell me right now.” said his wife.
“Sweetie, it’s not like as you always suspect on me.”

He replied to his wife ” If so, who she is, can you tell me?
I think you don’t have any words to lie me this time.”

But he was very frightened to tell his wife and his mother-in-law. His wife yelled to him again.

“Who are you preparing these special meal , parcels, bundles of something for?”

But he was still hesitating to tell his wife in real. With her angriness, his wife broke the dishes, his parcels and his all good meal and all things that he has bought.

Why do you destroy them all? Sweetie
They are for my ————-

Meanwhile, his old father came and saw what has happened to his son. Son, why not you tell the truth to your wife that you are going to celebrate for my birthday?”

When both of them hearing his old father like that, they were socked.

His mother-in-law slapped her wife cheeks left and right.

And said: “Why are you always following your
angriness mind all the time?

Why don’t you consider about it a little bit.?”
“And son, why do you always hesitate to tell us the truth that you are going to make happy birthday for your own father?”

He replied to his mother-in-law: ” Because my wife has never served my father well. he has always been served
in poor dishes.

So I have been supporting my father in this apartment for 3 months to keep him in peace and then today is also my father birthday so I come here to celebrate a birthday for him.”

The old man picked up his broken cake that his son had bought for him with sad face.

Meaning while his daughter-in-law got a great shame the way she has treated to them.

His son said: ” Dad, throw it away. I will buy for you
a new one.”

At that time his mother-in-law knew the way how her daughter treated to them. She slapped her daughter again heavily.

Then his cute wife kneeled down in front of the old man and apologized ” So sorry that I have treated on you
badly Dad.

It doesn’t mean that I hate you. Because I love my husband with whole of my heart. I have thought that
perhaps he has a new girlfriend.

I can’t control my mind. So I have done it. It’s all my mistakes. Can you forgive me?

Then the old man said: “Yup, I can forgive you. Because I see how much you love my son. But I wanna suggest you that “Suspicion is the greatest enemy in love
whether it is true or not.

So Before you do something,never judge them
by your moment sight.”

” Many great thanks to you dad. That’swhy I love you all.” she replied happily.

Her mother said: “Make a call to your sister to buy you
another new cake and presents for your dad’s birthday. We have to celebrate for him today.”

Then a great celebration of his father’s birthday has been made beautifully after they all understand on the both

Moral: In love, friendship, and in any other relationship,
When misunderstanding or mistakes happen, use your brain to forgive them or correct them or understand them.

Don’t use your brain to find the reason to leave them.


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