New English short moral story,Never lose hope, Article 05

New English short moral story,Never lose hope, Article 05

New English short moral story,Never lose hope, Article 05

New English short moral story,Never lose hope, Article 05

Story : Never Lose Hope

Catogary: New English short moral story,Never lose hope, Article 05


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I had been married for five years and Allah had blessed me with three daughters. My mother-in-law often used to taunt me for not having a son but my husband was a very good person.

I used to get angry with the words, but I could not forget the truth. My mother-in-law’s behavior towards me was getting worse day by day. I could not bear this behavior of my mother-in-law anymore.

My mother keeps taunting me all the time for not having a son. My husband is deep in thought. Don’t sit and I was tired of that day-to-day hustle and bustle. My husband said you should do it. Go to your home for a few days. I said to my husband what will happen if I leave.

Nothing but this matter will be suppressed for a few days. I knew that anything could happen but my mother-in-law’s chaos would not be in my hands so it was not all in my hands, whether it was a son or a daughter, now I was tired of all of them. I also found this way reasonable.

For some days, I was staying with my mother in my house, but as the days of my in-laws’ departure were approaching. I was again haunted by the illusion that my mother-in-law would start taunting me after going home.

I was preparing to go to my in-laws when a woman from our neighborhood with whom my mother was very familiar came to our house.

I was busy with my work when suddenly I heard the sounds of my mother talking with this woman from outside. I did not pay much attention and continued to do my work. Some voices hit my hearing.

The woman outside was telling my mother about her niece who has two twins after four daughters. According to this woman her niece did something that there is a hut in such and such a place where a woman spends one night and her twin sons are heavenly. My mind stopped only on the twin sons.

Do it because I felt my deprivation and I wanted to have a son too, I thought I would try this once. But then I thought that why not consult my husband for this method.

It seemed reasonable and I decided that I will definitely contact this sage after consulting my husband. I was ready to go to my in-laws in the evening. The house got busy with work.

Late at night when I finished work, my husband was sleeping. I thought that maybe my husband had fallen asleep due to the busyness of the day. I also laid down to rest and soon fell asleep. Sugai opened my eyes the next morning and I woke up a little late.

When I saw that it was late, I quickly ran to the kitchen. But maybe seeing my mother-in-law’s words, my head froze because I knew.

That she just looks for excuses to raise a fuss and today she also had the justification that I woke up late. She was doing work she was repeating the same thing that hey baby, this lochan did not go in our house. Yes tell me what you want. I didn’t break my silence.

I knew that if I started to answer my mother-in-law, there would be a fight in the morning. I don’t know why she was sitting there today.

she was not taking the name of being quiet and I was at the end of my patience when one sentence of my mother-in-law slapped me on the face that if our generation does not grow from you, I will be my son’s second child.

I will marry you and your girls, go wherever you want, at least our lives will be small because of you. I was really worried than I started making breakfast secretly because my mother-in-law was right but I also wanted to have a son, but what could I do now?

When I got married for the second time, I was worried about where I would go with my daughters. I knew that if my mother-in-law found this to be true then I knew why this fear started bothering me.

I should talk to my husband about this topic. I didn’t understand because I was confused about it, but my husband was quite sincere With me. Now I wanted to find a permanent way to get rid of all these taunts but I was still unsuccessful. I did not know what would happen now.

I asked myself that if my husband also agreed to a second marriage for his son.

What will happen to me, but soon I shook my thoughts and started thinking of a solution to get out of this trouble. What is the reaction? Now I started waiting for my husband to come.

Late at night, my husband came home. After eating, I made tea for my husband and at the same time thought it appropriate to tie the prelude.

I said that today your mother was saying that If we don’t have a son, she will get you married again. My husband took one look at me and said, “You are crazy to think like that.

Amma might have said it in anger, but in fact, Amma is just planning to move our family forward.” I am suffering. I listened to my husband and replied to him that I know mom is worried but what is my fault in all this, I am crying now. My husband looked at me and said, “You are not a fool, Allah is the Lord.”

But my mother-in-law’s attitude towards me was getting worse day by day. I could not bear all this anymore. I wanted to get rid of all of them, but I myself did not know any solution to this problem.

I was cooking in the kitchen when suddenly I remembered that the woman of our neighborhood had told a sage.

I thought that I would talk to my husband today. I was waiting for my husband. When my husband came home, I felt his mood was better.

I said to my husband that I want to tell you one thing. My husband said yes, tell me what is going on. I started talking without any preamble. She goes to him because there are two twin sons here. I saw that he was attracted towards me.

My husband said that you know I don’t believe in all these things. I said to my husband yes but what’s wrong with dating once. My husband changed his mind silently I know.

I left that my husband did not agree but I did not think it appropriate to talk about anything else and closed my eyes. The next day there was a storm in the house.

Verbean was crying and all this was not new to me. I knew what was the reason behind all this. I was tired of begging, now my husband started begging my mother-in-law, my mother-in-law agreed to eat after a little delay but on one condition. What are you doing? My husband took care of my mother while she was eating. My mother-in-law was eating happily.

This daily drama seemed strange to me. I was looking at my mother (mother-in-law) with disgust. I said to my husband that now I have obeyed your word and eaten, now you should obey my word. My mother-in-law said to my husband, “Look, son, you are my only child, the only heir of my family, so my son is my son.”

She said yes, mother, tell me what is the matter. I was also trying to understand what my mother-in-law wanted to say. Then suddenly, what mother-in-law said, my heart jumped and reached my husband’s throat.

This was also the case. I felt that I will not be able to stand on my feet. My mother-in-law actually told my husband that you should get married again and I mean that the first wife will also stay with me. My husband was deep in thought.

It was beating at the speed of lightning. I felt that if my husband obeyed my mother, I would be ruined. There was no way for me. I looked at my husband and shook my neck in the negative, then my husband gave a cold sigh and said to my mother-in-law, mother, son and daughter are in the hands of Allah and I don’t want any son.

As soon as I opened my mouth to speak, my mother-in-law immediately cut me off and said, “Beware, if the mother speaks in the middle of the child, then I will be silent, my mother-in-law.” My mother-in-law was attracted to my husband and said without hesitation, if you don’t get married again, I will die by eating poison and I will die with a will that my son should not see my face. can hear.

My son should not be shown my face. My husband could listen to his mother’s words at once. Then after thinking for a while, he said, “Well, mother, I will get married again.

I believe the sky is above my head, but I did not believe it.” What has my husband said to me, I was feeling that everything was going up in smoke. My husband looked at my pale face and lowered his eyes and said, “Amma, if I don’t get a son from the second marriage, then you will get me married for the third time.”

My mother-in-law’s bus wasn’t working, she used to dance happily after hearing my husband’s words. I looked at my husband and quietly went to my room. I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t understand any way. Suddenly I remembered that woman in my neighborhood whose niece has two twin sons. Yes, I thought once.

I will meet this woman, I decided and started thinking about how to do it, because my husband will not allow me to do it secretly from him, I thought why not go to my house tomorrow, but I What will I say to my mother-in-law that why I am leaving?

Just a few days ago I came back but I had to do something so that I could go to my house and no one would suspect. I was lost in my thoughts when my husband entered the room.

When I saw my husband, I turned away.

My husband came and stood in front of me and said, “I know that you are confused. If I had refused my mother, then I said to myself, “You would have said something else, marry me again. If they do, where will I and my girls go?

The husband said no, I will not marry again and there is still a lot of time, may God have mercy on us.

She knew how to control my husband’s mind very well. I listened to all my husband’s words but no one responded.

The next day my mother-in-law was busy talking to a neighbor. My mother-in-law looked at me and said to the woman, “See a lovely girl for my son, who is with my son.” My husband came home early.

I told my husband to go to my house. My husband said why did you come now? I said yes, but my heart is dying to meet my mother. My husband said it’s fine, go and come early to try. I said yes, I will come soon. My husband nodded his head in the affirmative. I was anxiously waiting for the morning.

I asked myself under the influence of an involuntary fear that what would I do if I did not get a son even by the action of this sage? I was really scared now.

I slept and saw my husband and shook off all my illusions and woke up the next morning with hope but when my mother-in-law came to know that I was going to my home, she started taunting me contrary to her habit.

I was content to remain silent for now because I didn’t want any trouble in the morning.

I reached my home along with my husband. My mother was surprised to see me suddenly at home.

I came, now my mother was quite satisfied. I wanted to meet this woman as soon as possible, but I thought it appropriate to consult with myself once. The thing is, you look a bit confused. I was exhausted.

I wanted to tell my mother everything. They are telling me that if I don’t have a son, then my husband will get married again. After listening to me, my mother put her hand on my mouth and started to wonder.

Anything, but you should have told me how much pain you are going through, I said mom, don’t worry, I just need your help, my mom looked at me in surprise and asked what I can do to help you. Where am I, mother? I remember the woman who came to you, whose niece had twin sons.

While putting it, he said yes, yes, I remember, so what happened, he said to me, “Mama, nothing happened, just tell me the address of the father to whom the niece of this woman went.”

As a child, I was very happy to hear my mother’s answer. My heart’s burden was reduced to a great extent. I was impatiently waiting for the next day.

Fortunately, tomorrow arrived. I went to the address told by our neighbor along with my mother. Amma reached our neighbor’s niece’s house.

When I went there, I told this girl my problem, so she told me not to worry and go to a place. me

 It felt awful. There was only one hut in a desolate area, which was in a very dilapidated state. I thought that looking at this place, I don’t think anything will be gained from here, but what’s wrong with trying once, I went to this hut.

My heart was troubled because I was taking this step without my husband’s permission. I was chanting in my heart that whatever happens is good. There was a knock and the door suddenly opened. I jumped and immediately jumped.

On opening the door, a woman appeared who was an elderly woman. I wanted to say something, but this woman signaled me to be quiet and entered.

I started pulling myself, I was unable to understand this situation, what was going on, I was scared now, for one thing, this is the first time a woman alone in an unknown place and that too.

 Among unknown people, my heart and mind took a jitter, but I entered the hut hiding my inner fear. Seeing the scene inside, I felt that I had made the biggest mistake of my life by coming here. Yes, I did not even imagine what was happening in front of me.

I suddenly thought that why should I run away from here? Perhaps she had realized my intentions, this woman saw me and said daughter, I know you are afraid..

But these are your illusions, it’s nothing like you think, it’s very innocent. This woman pointed to a man sitting on a throne in the hut, who seemed mysterious to me at a glance.

Once again I looked at the man whose hair was growing and resin was coming out of his mouth. From the way he was sitting, it looked like he was disabled. I carefully examined the man who was unable to speak.

Now I understand everything. was coming but this woman said that this is my son, he is not like ordinary people, he is deprived of the ability to think, understand and speak but Allah has given him the honor that if he lays his hands on the head of a barren woman, She becomes pregnant.

If one wishes for a son, it is fulfilled. She is innocent. She is ignorant of the tricks of the world. Now I was blaming myself in my heart.

It was done, but when I saw the next scene, I became watery with shame because there was a crippled person who was receiving the prayers of many hearts.

 This woman put her hand on my shoulder and said, daughter, do not be afraid, imagine the fulfillment of your desire with all your heart and go ahead.

The person put his hand on my head and turned his hand three times. I closed my eyes and I was talking to my Lord in my heart that Allah grant my wish.

This person removed his hand after turning my head. I opened my eyes. The good servant of Allah was smiling I smiled too so once again the voice of this woman echoed in the room who was the mother of this angelic human being, she started saying.

Now you go God willing your wish has been fulfilled. I said to Allah Hafiz. I left this place.

My in-laws came and did not mention this to anyone, my mother-in-law did not make any fuss and after the next nine months by the grace of Allah I had two twin sons. The one who blessed through his servant, man should never despair, try to understand Allah’s expediency.


The end…….


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