New love and anger based novel, Heart hacker Epi03

New love and anger based novel, Heart hacker, Epi03
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Story: Heart hacker

category: The story consists of characters who will tell a different story of people who are in love as well as hate. This story is all about love and anger based online English novel in which hero express her love and anger at the same time.

Episode 03

Haneeza’s eye was opened at about ten o’clock in the morning. And she hugged him and started shedding tears. Why was she so weak at the end of her helplessness?

That Abbas Sultan did not take a second to hurt his soul, was it really such an easy target … She was innocent, unaware of herself..

Effat Begum recited the verses of Al-Kursi, put it on herself and kissed her on the forehead.

“My dear ____, what happened to my doll? Why have you taken the study so hard? I am on my own. I will prepare my daughter best and you know … your Abbas brother … has also been a topper.” He will help you in my life. but don’t hurt yourself and us like that, my daughter”.

Haneeza, who was smiling at his usual soft tone, had a shadow of fear on her face in the name of Abbas. For a moment, her whole being trembled.

Effat Begum was taken aback by his sudden reaction and immediately started making noises

Honey doll Are you OK ?…..

When Haneeza’s trembling voice calmed down … “Yes, Mama, I’m fine. There was a degree of humidity in my voice, which Effat Begum could not hear because of the tape playing in the washbasin, and she hurried to make breakfast for him.”

 Haneeza Mikal Leaning on the washbasin, she began to look at her emaciated face

The long thick hair was unkempt at that time, the blue eyes where the fear was inhabited, the red lips were as if blood would flow at any moment.

 Haneezah was touching her face with the fingers of her waxy delicate hand and looking at her reflection.

Why did Abbas Sultan hate so much?

 Is his face … She was so ugly …

 “Mmmm, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

 Haneeza looked at herself in the mirror and cried. Abbas had broken this soft hearted girl so much that now she was cutting herself off.

 Haneezha splashed water on her face, then she felt the warmth of someone’s burning eyes on her … Haneeza turned back in panic …

But there was no one , Haneezah quickly took off her white and pink contrasting dress and headed for the changing room.

By the time Asher reached the office, the meeting had started. Asher hurried to the conference room and apologized to Mr. Mikal.

Asher’s handsome face was frozen and he was presenting his project in a very expert manner. All the partners seemed to be impressed by it and this project was also named after Asher Sultan.

 Afral Sahib and Mikal Sahib hugged him and congratulated him but he could not smile properly. In his mind, those eyes wrapped in hijab were rolling. When thinking My heart was beating differently …

 “The beauty of the hijab gives a woman the status she deserves in the eyes of every man.

When Shafaat Sahib came to Rome, Noor saw him and smiled.. Shafaat Sahib pushed the moisture in his eyes away and sat next to him and kissed his hand.

“Noor-ul-Ain, you know that you are the pride of Baba, the heartbeat that makes your Baba alive is my heart. You did not take care of your life”.

When he spoke to Noor in a slightly angry tone, he smiled at his love.

 Baba Jani Don’t be such a hero to my hero that your heroine will kill me today … Instead of saving me, you are angry with me.

 When Noor spoke to restore his mood, he shook his head in denial. .

 She was the one who made her father smile even in the most difficult of circumstances.

 I love my dad

 That is, that love is mine

 I am the soul of my father

 That is, life is mine

 I am a reflection of my father

 That is, they are light

After some time the light was discharged and there were no more injuries, they were thankful to his Lord today with the intercession, who gave such a very parents who had given them ashes … whose peels had a sore on the same like a dense tree.

Honored and Fresh was found out of the weapon and the wet rose in the white-fetal pajamas, he was riding a ripe, the pulse of the existence of the existence of the existence of the existence, the slopes of the water, the slopes of the water, they saw their hair caught in the hand of the water, which they did not have to bear it, “they were caught in the …” The closing people, “they will be killed,” he was talking to the secret in the busy busy manner, he was talking to the secret in the busy busy manner.

” Where someone’s role in its contemporary interpretation …. I came to know … He heard the name of Ashu and increased the angel on the forehead, he felt that someone opened water on the existence of the height. He was staring the sandscreen in the Blackroom.

And then with a single jerk, he hit the laptop on the wall. “Haniza Mikal had once again attacked her ego which she had no idea. Haneeza’s struggle continued with her hair when she felt a sigh behind her and turned back… And looking at “Abbas Sultan” standing right in front of him, his eyes were about to explode…

His body was trembling as he stood. She was blinking her eyelids again and again and was looking into her cold hazel green eyes with her ocean blue eyes but could not see for more than a moment.

The shock that shook his innocent existence… Abbas started approaching him step by step … While watching her move towards her, Haneeza’s breath remained at the top. She put her conical fingers on her lips and started taking deep breaths.

 Abbas saw him go away and smiled mockingly

“Kia hua ‘Haneeza Mikal’ was enjoying a good night’s sleep in my brother’s arms … and so far away from me … it’s an injustice isn’t it … Baba’s Haniyeei” Abbas’s tone was completely misguided.

There was a meaningless madness in which he was lost, he had forgotten everything.. His hatred, his madness, everything was attributed only to Haneeza Mikal.

Abbas narrowed his eyes when he did not answer.

And in one fell swoop he was brought closer to himself and sat on the bed. It all happened in an instant.

Haniza was on the bed blinking. She felt that a gust of wind had touched her. Abbas Sultan had touched her in such a way that she could not even feel it.

That , She just closed her eyes and took a deep breath and started praying for her death

 “Open your eyes … he was terrified. Haneeza’s sixes were released … Haneeza Meekal … in her voice. Will be itself “. Haneezah immediately opened her eyes … he had smiled so much. But that smile was poisonous.

Haneeza still thinks that she felt something crawling in her hair …

Frightened, Haneeza looked at her hair, saving her eyes, where darkness began to appear before her eyes. … The body trembled with fear before the screaming Abbas Sultan’s gloved hand locked his voice in his throat.

She started crying, hitting her hands and feet and started rescuing herself … Abbas smiled and closed his eyes … It was calm now … It was the culmination of the words that Haneeza Mikal had uttered for someone

 Abbas pulled the snake out of his hair which looked very dangerous … This sentence was allotted by Abbas Sultan. Abbas Sultan had punished him for every word that came out of his mouth. Abbas put the snake away from him in the box and looked up at Haneeza.

The scattering breaths … Hiccups from the crumbling being fell on the bed … The heartache was excruciating… Which was beyond Haneeza Michal’s tolerance Abbas squeezed a certain vein and knocked Haneza unconscious and locked the door himself….

Freeing her from the coat, she would lie down on the bed very close to her chest with her flower.

I’m exhausted … And his sobbing heart began to feel relieved … There was a magic that he was fascinated with but he could not use it in any way without being aware of Haneeza Makal.

Abbas, seeing her face soaked with tears, suddenly grabbed the nearby jug in his hand and tore it from the table.

He had come back in his devil form which no one was aware of Abbas picked up a piece of glass and held it in his hand and slipped the shirt from his chest. Was obsessive … The brutality was so great that he did not feel any pain … His shirt was soaked with blood….Haniza’s wax. Fingers in her hand.

Trapped, he took turns touching his fingers. Leaving the touch of his burning lips, even in the world of unconsciousness, he was forced to torment “Haniza Mikal”. Abbas smiled heartily at his uneasiness. Let him go and if he is insensitive to the world, let him be imprisoned in himself….

What is peace? What is it like to be with me? What is your satisfaction in talking to me? What is your satisfaction? What is your satisfaction? May you always be mine! Abbas Sultan, who was whispering in Haneeza’s ear, had now changed. I didn’t want to, there was something…

So there was a demand … Was mad There were horrors …

“This will happen.

You’ll feel me everywhere.

It’s undeniable.

We would be magic in the air.

Let them all watch or look away or stare.

But just know, my eyes don’t lie, and I save my best smiles for you….

He was intoxicated as he sniffed her scent in the wandering room. His savagery was over. There was something that drew him towards Haneeza Makal. The innocence on his face forced him to be charmed.


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