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Heart touching rude hero based online english novels, new forced marriage based online english novels, Cruel hero based romantic online English novels is full of emotional, romance ,thrill and suspense story novel Heart hacker written by sheikhani.

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Online English novels , Heart hacker

#Episode 2

As soon as Asher entered the “Sultan’s Palace” with Haneezah, he found his mother glorifying him in front of him. Asher, this is what happened to my honey, Asher tell me, when they see the yellow face of honey, they start asking her.” Asher relaxed them.

Nothing happened to Mama, but Honey has taken the stress of studying and nothing happened. Asher explains to them. He grabbed Haniza and started walking towards her room. Asher stepped into her room .


So unconditionally appreciated his choice. He seldom came to Haneeza’s room. His whole room was decorated in a Disneyland style.

One thing was very expensive and a testament to its beauty laying Haneeza on the bed, she covered her head and came out with the light off, where Affat Begum was anxiously getting Mikal’s number.


Then Asher took a deep breath and held them close to him. His own condition was no different.

Mama, don’t worry, you know how much your honey has a bird’s heart … Just finished reading and riding on my head … You just stay with Honey, take care of it, I have a meeting, I will come …

Effat Begum also kissed his forehead with love and went to her room to give thanks.

After his departure, Asher was now heading for Abbas Sultan’s room…. Asher was less sensitive in terms of relationships, then in Haneeza Mikal, his life was settled, how could he see her in this condition?

Somehow Asher was convinced that all this was due to the generosity of Abbas Sultan.

Let’s face it, Asher also used to go to him to talk about Haneezah,,, He would get angry and his condition would be like that of a wild beast from which someone would try to snatch his prey.

And Abbas, compelled by his habit, would vent all his anger in his heart in the form of growing hatred for Haneeza Makal. Asher Maj Boora had left him as he was. It was his habit to be silenced where words could not be used.

she had crossed all the boundaries today. Her eternal anger over Huniza’s serious condition had returned. He was very angry … The whole family was aware of his outspokenness and gentle nature.

But Haneeza was in Makal. All of them were breathing. From her childhood, she took care of Haneeza like a protector. She came to save him from every cold and heat.


Impact was impossible,,, Asher nodded and came in. He looked angrily at Abbas Sultan, who was busy with his work, smiling at the scorpion in his hand, smiling with his red-green eyes.

He smiled strangely. Suddenly he left the scorpion on his shoulder , that scorpion might have avenged his pain by injuring his shoulder

On the other hand, who cared, Abbas, what is this childhood? How long will you establish this savagery? What do you want Why is there so much extremism in you? You weren’t like that, Abbas.

You were my brother’s life. This obsession, The desire to destroy something, Who is on the verge of ashes for the unseen fire in the eyes, Asher looked angrily at his red shoulder and said that his style was horrible that scorpion was doing his job and had scratched his shoulder badly.

Asher jerked the scorpion down his shoulder and sadly looked at him who was still smiling as if something funny was being said. Asher was a bit scared and his mannerisms were not acceptable at all.

“Brother, tell me why you bothered to come to my room everything is fine. oh my gosh. maybe your honey has complained by the way where did you not show up?” Abbas would have addressed Asher in his cold tone, forcing him to think a latent.

“Abbas, you don’t feel sorry for this innocent, what is wrong with him? why do you frighten him you know that today because of you she has barely escaped death from any human being”

Don’t be so helpless, Abbas Sultan’s innocent sighs will make you wander from door to door. “Asher spoke in a manner that explained it.

But as soon as he finished, “Abbas Sultan” started laughing, But there was something mysterious about them. Asher was scared of Abbas for Haneezah today. What was he doing? There was something that he … He was imprisoned inside

“Big B … my sweet brother … now listen to me carefully … if you can save your chick, then save him.


His imprisonment has been written by” Abbas Sultan ” me don’t force me to cross all the boundaries that your father has taken care of , I don’t feel at ease if my honey doesn’t feel inside you and you know Yes, every human being can do anything for the sake of his peace. Think of anything. I am not an ordinary human being.


He whispered to Asher about his intentions… Asher could not restrain himself on such boldness and received a slap on his face. What a disgusting tone… It’s as if he can bury ‘Haniza Mikal’ alive.


Shut up Abbas Sultan ___ Just stop shutting down your nonsense so that you don’t suffer in the end.. There are more crowns of love on the head of this innocent person than there is hatred in you. Will definitely betray once…

Dear brother Now that you’ve finished, let me go He went outside to speak…. Asher was worried. Now he had strengthened his intentions. What should he do?

He had just thought of sending Haneezah to Germany. I will persuade Mama Baba too but I will not let him see the dangerous intentions of Abbas..

Asher Resh was driving to the office. All that was going on in his mind was Abbas’s words. How could he hate Haneez to such an extent? That was what was bothering him.

More than that, he liked to express his obsession with those who were connected to him, Asher was engrossed in his own thoughts who could not see the car coming from the front and there was a fierce collision between the two cars.


Before Asher could control the steering wheel, the car hit a tree. Asher was not seriously injured due to the seat belt but Asher suddenly got out of the car thinking of the people in the other car.


Everyone was gathered there. Asher pushed them back and moved forward where a girl in a niqab was lying unconscious. Asher hurried to the hospital with his driver.


Today was a bad day for him. Asher’s eyes were on the unconscious girl with her head on her lap. She was wearing a pink abaya with thick curled eyelids in a beautifully made hijab. Asher was pleasantly surprised.


For the next five minutes he was in the hospital. The doctors were treating him. He was wandering outside in the world of Hari Shani. When a very dignified man in front of him was walking with the driver, he stood close to him and began to shake him anxiously.

“What is it, son? How is my light? Tell me how it happened to me. Asher was even more embarrassed when he heard all this. Asher apologized to him and told him the whole story.


Shafaat Sahib put his hand on his shoulder… Thank you son for bringing my daughter here and I request you not to drive like this when your mind is not calm.


My daughter is in the care of Allah but to be careful Asher could not help but be impressed by their compassionate tone and thanked them… Sir, I will take care of them, God willing…….


What is your name, son?

Sir, my name is Asher Sultan. He was just walking when the doctor came out and Noor regained consciousness. Shafaat Sahib thanked his Lord for coming. And hurried to Rome.. Asher also made his way out


It was two o’clock at night when someone was walking very slowly in Haneeza Makal’s room. And the door was locked immediately. But the effect of the medicine was that she slept soundly

He sat on the pillow near her without making a sound. And in the bright light of the full moon I began to see his glowing face. The shadow of innocence could drive anyone crazy. Abbas gently pulled back the hair on his face. She was as soft as a glass doll.

At her touch, she was in a daze. Abbas, being close to her, inhaled in an imperceptible way connecting her nose to hers. She was breathing like a servant.

How calm he was, he did not know how long he took his breath in himself and began to calm his stretched veins. Abbas suddenly remembered something.


He carefully held his soft and delicate hand on the wound on his shoulder and began to increase the pressure. Maybe it was a new style of calm too..

For him putting Haneeza’s hand on his shoulder, he spread his dupatta on his face again and began to inhale the enchanting fragrance like drugs.


I will remember the demand, I will forget the time,,, I will remember the smell,,, I will forget the blood,,, I will go down the vein as a poison,,, I will remember horror, I will forget love.

He left a fiery obsessive touch on his forehead as he came and went out.




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