Perfect Faith , English Myths,

Perfect Faith English Myths

Perfect Faith ,English Myths

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Perfect Faith , English Myths,

Perfect Faith

My name is Larib. I belong to a poor family. Our village consists of only 10 to 20 houses.

Due to the surrounding forests, many people are sick for no reason. I did not understand this but my mother told me that our the big banyan tree behind the house has the shadow of giants on it and they harm only those people who wish harm to someone.

I am currently a matriculation student, because our village is backward so the education here is only up to matriculation.

The way to school passes under this banyan tree. I knew that because of the giants do not stray near humans.

One day, when I came home from school my mother was very worried. I asked the reason and she said that Rashid, whose house is near our house.

suddenly something happened to him. I got scared after hearing that why is it like this and the biggest thing is that the giants are real. I slept thinking about this at night.

In the morning, my friends teased me about this again. I was afraid that the giants would attack me. I silenced them all but on my return my slipper broke under the same tree.

I started shivering, after that I felt a shadow behind me, but I did not look back, kept reciting Ayat-ul-Kursi till home.

The fear was so much that I got a fever at night because of fear. My mother took taweez from a toe and put it in my throat, that the girl has a shadow.

Ami was convinced that I was really shadowed by the giants. Ami again went to the priest crying and said that you were right my daughter is really shadowed.

The priest started laughing and gave a new amulet. Ami changed that taweez too.

As soon as the effect of the fever broke, I got relief in two days. My mother’s faith in Pir Baba became strong.

She was grateful and went to this Pir Baba for a large amount of money which was due for my marriage.

After staying in the house for a few days, it was found that a girl was found unconscious under the tree.

People stopped passing by the tree but what confused me was that if there are Why giants attack only a few people?

Why don’t you say anything to everyone? We all live in the village.

My thoughts became deeper. At night, after Isha I came back to my bed and started reading Ayat-al-Kursi. I don’t know when I fell asleep.

After that, the next morning I got ready for school. My friend, who used to go to school with me, told me about this girl Shakila.

How bad that girl was, she often came under the tree and laughed that if there really is a jinn, then I Hold on. I know it’s all a lie.

I was horrified to hear it but at the same time my belief was strengthened that there really was something I was unaware of.

It is not that I am not afraid. I used to be very afraid but more than this fear, I believe in Allah that as long as He is with us. These giants can’t do anything.

I came from school. My mind was still confused. I could not study properly even in school.

I lied and asked to meet my friend and then went to the house of all those people who were sick.

And for some reason or another, their disease was the same Or they all came to meet.

unconsciously under the same tree after meeting everyone I came to a conclusion and brought everyone together at night.

Everyone was surprised and started to inquire about the reason, so I told that till date, out of all the people who have been affected either they were drunkards or those who made fun of this tree.

Everyone who was praying became silent and accepted my words, then I asked everyone to praying.

Which everyone followed and since there are still giants on this tree in our village, but they do not harm anyone.

The truth of this Pir Baba came out that he was a liar. I was taken into custody and now isolated, now my mother does not go to the door of poor people without any reason, but asks Allah.

[The End]


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