Romantic Family Love thrilling Story, A man who has never appreciated his wife,

Romantic Family Love Story | A man who has never appreciated his wife

New Romantic Family Love Story, Heart touching romantic story

Romantic Family Love Story, A man who has never appreciated his wife,
Romantic Family Love Story, A man who has never appreciated his wife


New Romantic Family Love Story, Heart touching Family Love romantic novels


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A man who has never appreciated his wife

A good wife was very busy with her work in her house. When her husband come home from work, she always take her responsibility on her husband everything.

But her husband seemed not to notice how hard she has been working for their family anymore.Because he is usually on his work at distance. He usually comes home for a week  in a month.

But he often scolds his wife that his wife isn’t  perfect as he wants her to be. He always compare his wife to other.

He said

“You  lack of everything as I want you to be.”

His wife replied:

“You don’t  stay home everyday so you don’t  know how tired I am.”

Look around in the house and he said:

 “Really? tired you mean? only staying home and  serving our two children, it’s a piece of cake.”

His wife said:

 “Let’s change the position of our work to each other? then you stay at home and I will work at your position, Okay?”

He replied:

 “You see,  You don’t  do the dishes. You don’t make the bed at all. The whole house are being messed up.Only in the house, You can’t clean it all. How can you do another position to clean them up?”

His wife raised up her voice and said:

 “I have done it!but you do not know how naughty  the children are! Why are you always blaming on me?”

His wife was crying in front of him.

 “Because you are nothing.”

he said: “You can find another woman who is perfect to be your new wife?

she said angrily.

He was disappointed with his wife and ran out from their house to his older sister .When he arrived his sister’s home, he was seeing his sister’s children .

They were messing up in their dinning room  happily. They were being naughty here and there as they wanted.At that time his sister was getting sweat with her children to clean the house.

” Hi ! “he greeted to his sister.

“Hi ! come on in my bro. You know I’m getting sweat all day cos of my 3 children.”

” How’s about your love?”

his older sister asked.

“I was angry with her so I come here.”

he replied: “Why?” asked his sister.

Meanwhile, his brother-in -law

was coming in.

“Sweetie , Are you knackered today?

As for me , I’m really tired cos our children. I couldn’t clean up all after they have played.”

His older sister said to her husband. “I can understand how hard you are and her husband answered.

He gives his wife a big kiss and one beautiful red love box in front of him.

“So beautiful  necklace!” his wife said happily.

“How could both of you understand on each other? As for me, I am very disappointed with my wife from being in mess all the time when I arrive home.”

he asked them.

“You may not know how hard it is unless it’s in your own position. They have to do

everything in whole house.

Cooking ,Serving, Doing the dishes, Washing the clothes, Cleaning the house for everyone in the family from morning to bed time. They are more  tired than we do. We should understand  on them.

I feel that I couldn’t be perfect than my wife in this case. So I love her the most.”

His brother-in- law explained to him.

Have you ever appreciated your wife?”

His brother- in -law questioned him.

“No, never” he said

“Do appreciate your wife with something new to her.”

 his brother-in-law said. After he understood, he went home.

He came to his wife quietly. Meanwhile he saw his wife was busy with her work.

She was wiping her sweat on her face. She was still cooking for dinner. Her children were begging her to eat this. After they got what they wanted , they went to the bedroom.

At that time, he was approaching to his cute wife and hugging her.

He said:

  “Sweetie, Are you really tired? What can I help you?

His cute wife was amazing.! He took out facial tissues to wipe all sweat  on her face softly and said:

  “Are you still bursting with me? So sorry for what I had treated you badly. Can you forgive me?”

There,  she was smiling to him and said

 ” Sweetie, I can Why  are you so strange to me today?”

He replied:

 “I understand how tired you are in a day. So I love you more and more. Never tell me to find someone instead of you.

I  appreciate you with all my heart.” “Thank you for understanding sweetie.”

She said: then he took out one of his gold necklaces and prettiest ring to his cute wife.

 “They are for you sweetie.”

He said:

 “Wow! Thank you sweetie.” Replied with her sweety smile.

After they understand on each other, they take a bath and having their dinner happily. And he gives new clothes and new toys to his children.

After their children went to sleep he got a great kiss and more hugging before they sleep. Then their understanding make their family sweet again.

Moral: Love is combination of Understanding, Appreciation, Respect, Friendship, Communication and companionship.


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