Romantic Rude hero based online English Novel, Heart hacker ,Epi #5

Romantic Rude hero based online English Novel, Heart hacker ,Epi #5

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Romantic Rude hero based online English Novel, Heart hacker ,Epi #5
Romantic Rude hero based online English Novel,

Romantic Rude hero based online English Novel,

Heart hacker ,Epi #5

Noor-ul-Ain came straight to her room, her breathing was bad. He strongly disliked Arshman’s right.

 She was just thinking about them when she woke up to the ringtone of her cell


 Nurul Ain saw Haniza’s number and picked up the call. Both Haniza and Nurul Ain were best friends. Haniza never befriended anyone, but Noor-ul-Ain was forced to step toward her because of her innocence.

 Nurul Ain treated her like an elder sister. And explained everything.

 As soon as Noor picked up the call, he heard the disturbing voice of Ifat Begum on the other side.

 She was asking him about Haniza while crying.

“Noor, the son, has Haniza come to you? Please tell me if this is the mischief of hers. I will not forgive her.”

 After listening to them, Noor was in a state of helplessness. She didn’t even know where Haniza could go

“Aunt, where is Haneza? She didn’t come here, aunty.”

Noor’s condition worsened after Hinza disappeared like this

“Son, she was in her room at night. I went to make some food for her, but when I returned, Haniza was not in the room. I don’t know where my daughter will be. What condition will she be in today?”

 If Begum was dying, Noor consoled her “Aunty, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Honey. You should trust in Allah. I am coming with Baba.”

Hearing this, Ifat Begum cut the call and it was reported that Mr Mikal was sitting on the sofa holding his head.

 Asher searched everywhere, but there was no trace of Haniza. From morning to night, there was no news of Haniza.

 The police blockaded the entire city and were giving the news to Asher.

 The absence of Haniza shook the sultan palace as it was in a frenzy

 When Asher came home tired, Mr Afral ran towards him.

 “Asher. Found out something. Found Haniza”

 Asher bowed his neck and shook his head in the negative.

 If Begum was just praying for the safety of her daughter. But what did they know that those prayers were accepted not for their son but someone else?

Abas’ condition was like that of a raging lion. The one who had dared to put his hand in his shell was now like a wounded lion. Who was going to tear apart the one who took away his victim?

 In the law of Abis Sultan, the word forgiveness was completely absent. If he did not forgive himself, how could he let Haniza Mikal go to the death of the one who stole from him?


 It had been three days since Hanizah disappeared, Mr Afral, and Mikal were trying to find Hanizah along with the police.

 But all the efforts were going in vain

 Abis was trying everything in his way to reach Haniza in any way then he would never let her go away from him.

 If Begum was sitting praying when from outside. He heard Nora Lain’s voice

 “Aunty.. where are you?”

 Noor-ul-Ain called them and entered inside. She was quickly climbing the stairs and looking at the four others when with a strong collision, she collided with someone’s hard rock chest.

 Noorul Ain’s entire being was shocked, she raised her eyes for a second, felt the touch of a profane person on her body, pushed him away, and her wet eyelids in the halo of the golden hijab hanging from the wall made Asher Sultan, who was standing in front of her, suffer from a different feeling.

 He did not believe in his luck at all. When did he think that the eyes of the girl who made him anxious, whose hijab he was captured? He is like this. It will be found in his house.

 Your eyes ask questions

 My courage answers

 So the eyelids are drooping

 How many accounts do you know?

 The oath of the eyes in your eyes

 So those who raise their eyes punish

 Noor’s presence was still in Abaya, but he was transported to her in a second by the same special captivating fragrance. What a beautiful moment it was when that delicate ass was held in his embrace

 A voice came from Asher’s heart that if only this girl would raise her eyelids and look at him today, perhaps this was the moment of acceptance.

 When Noor-ul-Ain looked at Asher Sultan with her sullen eyes. And apologized.

 Just a glance. In just one glance, Asher Sultan was captured.

 The blush of modesty is hidden in lake-like eyes. Asher Sultan, who had not slept all night, was also licked in the hijab by the dark pink cords

 “Sorry. Noor Al-Ain came to meet Haniza’s friend aunty. Sorry.”

 She said in a low voice and immediately left there

 Behind Asher, I don’t know how many moments he was captivated by her voice.

 “Noor Al-Ain Asher Sultan” Asher muttered under his breath

 What a sweet voice it was.

“Magician” Asher said smiling seeing Noor running away

Hamza was here for three days, and after regaining consciousness, she became completely silent. Haniza silently obeyed what he said. His silence was intimidating to those in front of him. Hamza was not denying any of his words, this thing was knocking the person sitting in front of him

In these three days, he did not even once. I didn’t mind going back. She would just stare at an invisible point for hours

Haniza was sitting on the bed wearing his trousseau shirt, which he had given her without the dupatta. AS was riding on his senses but he had strong nerves and did not want to kneel before this goddess of beauty so quickly.

He left the red room and entered Haniza’s room. But she was still sitting motionless. He raised an eyebrow and applauded her rejection

And walked and sat on the bed right in front of him.

My silence will shake your roots

Where will this death come if I ask?

 So what’s going on, I’m crazy

 If I am not, where will you sing this pain?

 I will keep the flowers with great love

 So the one who swallows the thorns will be afraid

 I have played with great care and love

 So whoever plays, my life will be shattered

 From the diary of Faiza Sheikh.

Haniza smiled looking at him in a strangely seductive way, but her smile was not that innocent smile, it was a big smile. There was a pain in his eyes.

“Mummum … .. Rrrrong .. Pappiyar used to cry like that. Mmmmabbba how do you cry. You cry, heart.

His persuasive words filled the whole bridge with shivers that the arteries of the brain were as if they were about to burst. So had he given this girl so much respect?

Calling him crazy. Laugh … It scared him. Yes, he was scared for the first time in his life. Extremely scared.

 He suddenly put his hands on Haniza’s waist and brought her very close to him. And his face started burning with his burning breath. The red eyes revealed his inner turmoil

 “What do you mean to yourself?”. I want to scare you. Beware, I won’t take a moment to cut your tongue if you take any words out of your mouth.

You talk too much darling. But remember, Devil hates girls who talk too much. And you need me. So learn to follow me.

Hamza didn’t want to cry in front of this ruthless, brutal person who was forcing her to hate herself moment by moment. Hearts and minds had been made a battlefield where they would fight with themselves.

It was painful. Devil took a look at her shivering figure dressed in a black knee-length shirt and blue pants. It looked quite attractive.

Devil smirked at her trembling, holding her hand with a jerk as she collapsed on herself

 Now the situation was that the Devil was lying upright and Haniza was on him. Haniza’s long hair scattered on Devil’s face, he was exposed to a new smell and a new intoxication.

The heartbeats started ringing in the ears, Devel wrapped one hand around her waist and gently tangled the other hand in her silky hair. A wave of peace rose through his entire being, forcing him to smile.

Hamza felt the touch of his strong hands on her hair and started to get up, but it was impossible now, the owner of strong nerves like Devil was crazy about the smell of her hair. He hid his face in her neck, alienated from everything, and started taking deep breaths.

Haniza rested her head on his chest with a beating heart. She knew she could never get him away from her

 Seeing her losing, Devil forced her to bear it by kissing her hair in a frenzy. Holding his hands. Haniza’s back was getting tight…

 Your touch cheers me up

 You keep me in your love..




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